All care will be taken with your pet to avoid any injury or harm. In the event of an emergency, owners will be contacted immediately and the pet will be taken to our nominated vet.


All staff of Polo Pet Grooming believe in comfort over vanity and will act with the best interest of your pet/s. Dematting can be painful and sometimes not possible, therefore we are required to shave heavily matted coats. There may be additional charges of up to $15 per 15 minutes spent removing matting and we recommend follow up maintenance appointments to prevent any future matting.


Please advise us prior to booking an appointment if you believe your pet may have fleas or ticks as we do require flea treatment to be administered before allowing the pet into the salon. We sell treatment to kill fleas and can then follow up with a flea & tick bath. Additional time will be required for these appointments, please enquire for pricing.


In accordance with local laws we can not accept an animal that has been declared dangerous or menacing. If you know your pet is prone to biting, snapping or scratching please do advise us prior to your appointment being made, failure to warn our groomers of a known behaviour can put us at risk or cause serious injury. We do use muzzles and soft restraints if necessary and can refuse to groom any animal we believe puts our safety at risk. As grooming a nervous animal will require more time and expertise the base rate for grooming may be higher.


We understand other responsibilities may necessitate the cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment, please try to give us at least 24 hours notice so that we may fill the available spot. Failure to notify us of a cancellation can result in a no show fee being charged and must be paid in full before a new booking can be made.


We do allow up to half an hour waiting times once owners have been notified that their pet is ready for pickup. An additional $10 per 15 minutes may be charged for late pickup unless otherwise arranged prior to booking.


We require all pets to be up to date with vaccinations or have current titre tests.


Polo Pet Grooming do take photos for our client profiles as well as to be shared via our website and social media. Unless otherwise requested, photos of your pet may be taken.